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The debate goes on. Weapons of Mass Destruction. The war in Iraq. The war against terror. Secret prisons. Rendition. Illegal wiretapping. A secret plan to attack Iran. What is the truth?

  "Master Spies Die Laughing" is the inside story of the last days of an embattled administration mired in a desperate, last-ditch attempt to save careers and reputations, salvage the judgment of history, and stay out of jail.

  Dan Speers is an award-winning newspaper reporter and editor who has plumbed the dregs of society and explored the depths of crime, corruption and politics.

  Speers seeks the truth, following the evidence wherever it leads. To get your copy of an exciting new thriller by Dan Speers go to www.amazon.com and type "Master Spies Die" in the search box.

I am back to work on CitizenPoet.com, Read: "Dead Certain;" "It's Cold Outside" 2006 finalist; Margie, the American Journal of Poetry; and "Does Anyone Know I'm Here" 1st Prize, Tom Howard Poetry Contest.
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